Direct Lines to Emergency Services: How This Works in a Commercial Setting

While watching old TV shows, you might be inspired by the number of shows that feature a direct line to emergency services, the president or even Batman. Yet, do these telephone services really exist? They do—for commercial and government purposes. In the event of a fire, could your commercial fire alarm systems also incorporate telephones of this nature, and how would that work? The following helps explain all that.

Emergency Phone Lines

Red emergency phones were very popular in the fifties and sixties. After the advent of nuclear weapons, everyone was concerned that emergency calls could not be placed fast enough to avoid disasters. As such, the development of red emergency phones emerged, and places like nuclear plants and government buildings installed these red phones.

In the event of a fire or other major disaster, employees could pick up the red phones and get a direct line to local emergency services for help. You can still install these lines in your own commercial business or factory as part of your commercial fire alarm systems or your security system.

How It Works

As part of a security system, when the alarms sound the intercom doubles as a phone system. When no one answers the security company's call, help is dispatched to your commercial site via the security company. It takes a little bit longer than a direct "red phone" line, but you still get the emergency help you need.

The "red phone" line is a literal red phone on top of a box receiver that hangs on the wall. It is well within reach of dozens of employees and in a very visual spot on the work floor. If emergency help is required, from fire to ambulance help, any employee can pick up the phone and it dials 911 immediately.

If the employee cannot stick around to tell the dispatcher the nature of the emergency because all employees have to evacuate the building, the call is traceable and emergency help of all kinds is dispatched to your location. Destruction of the phone in the disaster or hanging the receiver back up on the box when the danger is over hangs up on the emergency line.

Installing Emergency Lines

The phone company can install the direct "red phone" line for you. If you like, you can have more than one of these phones installed around the building. As for the commercial fire alarm systems and intercom/phone system, a security company agent can install this type of system for you. Learn more about your options through companies like Tele-Plus.

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While watching old TV shows, you might be inspired by the number of shows that feature a direct line to emergency services, the president or even Batm

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