5 Advantages to Investing in a Business Phone System for Your Company

Communication is one of the biggest elements of small business success. From internet connectivity to telephone service, if you can't communicate both internally and with your customers, it stifles your business growth and efficiency. One of the biggest choices you'll make is whether or not to invest in a business phone system. Here's a look at several reasons why you should invest in one today.


When you opt for a standard phone installation instead of a business phone system, you need to have a separate line run in your building for every phone line, and they're not integrated. By investing in a business phone system, you'll have a primary line running to the business, then you can run individual extensions for each of your employees. The best part of this is that it's adaptable to your business size, and you can increase your extension availability by working with the telecom provider to add extension blocks. That means that as your business grows, your phone system adapts.

Direct Connectivity

Without a business phone system, your employees will spend a lot of time walking back and forth from one department or space to the next to communicate with team members, co-workers, and others. You can save a lot of this wasted time when you invest in a business phone system because your staff can then make quick calls to each other for questions and concerns. All they have to do is enter the co-worker's short extension to call internally, increasing productive time.

That direct connectivity also helps your business appear more professional. After all, if a client calls and gets someone in the wrong department or needs to talk with more than one person, having the ability to say "Let me transfer you." will appear more beneficial than "Let me get him." You can easily transfer calls within a business phone system by simply pushing a button and entering the person's internal extension.


When your business demands that you have some staff members traveling or doing field calls, you need a phone system that's versatile enough to reach them where they are. Whether you use a business system that allows for call forwarding to cell phones or you opt for internet-based VOIP connection, you (and your clients) will have the ability to reach employees even when they are traveling for you. There's no need to worry about taking messages that could get lost or facing disappointed clients when they can't reach the staff member they're looking for.

Business phone systems are also versatile enough to support conference calls. That means you can get people together to communicate no matter where they are. All you need is a conference call bridge through your telecom provider, then everyone can call into that number to talk simultaneously. This is great for negotiating contracts, troubleshooting issues, and even just holding monthly meetings between offices.


When you pay for a business phone system, you also have the option of adding an automated attendant to the line. That gives you the ability to have customers and clients navigate an automated menu or dial by employee name. This can save you significantly in salaries for reception staff, worrying only about having someone up front to greet walk-ins instead of having to have additional staff to answer incoming phone calls.


Business phone systems allow you to set your outbound caller identification so that it shows the company's primary phone number no matter which employee's extension the call is placed from. This ensures consistent identification, making it easier for you to build your brand identity. It also makes your company appear more professional to those you're contacting.

Talk with a local telecommunications company today for more advice about how a Spectralink phone system can help your company to grow and reach others.

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Communication is one of the biggest elements of small business success. From internet connectivity to telephone service, if you can't communicate both